Bowenwork is a gentle, hands-on, deeply relaxing bodywork modality that  resets the body/minds own innate healing abilities. Couples can benefit from receiving Bowen together in a unique way. There is a wonderful, nurturing re-connection that can occur for couples as stress is released from your bodies, minds and emotions. This is accomplished through the gentle and  loving touch that is Bowen at it's best. Stress and it's effects on us can bury that connection with our 
partner.  As that stress is released you are better able to feel and experience that connection again.

What it will be like:

You are in the same room comfortably laying on your own bodywork tables a couple of feet from each other. You can be dressed in lightweight comfortable clothing or in  your undergarments under covers. The room is serene and quiet and is dedicated to you both for the time you are there. There is minimal to no talking from me or between you both once you are on your tables and the session has started.  This allows the silence to keep you in the moment and present to being together in this safe, healing environment.

Suggestions to make the experience more special for you:
Bring special music of your own, or mutually choose from my large collection to further facilitate your relaxation. No music is also fine and is actually preferred by some. If there is a short reading or quote, that is meaningful to you both, I could read it aloud at the beginning or the 
end of the session. When the session is finished I leave the room giving you both a ten minute rest. I then come back into the room to let you know your time has ended.


     Welcome to the world of imagery, a world that will nourish your soul and your relationship. Joy provides the space, materials, encouragement, and safety to enter this encounter with images from your shared inner life.  This is not just about creating “art,” but about delving into the process of allowing an image to emerge, about taking a journey into the space that you both share.  This journey can at once be revealing and exhilarating, startling and soothing. You need absolutely no experience with making art or using art materials. Joy and the materials will invite you to go at your individual pace and to discover this world in a way that meets your particular set of needs and desires both individually and as a couple.
     You will be expressing yourself in separate projects, but working at the same time. Figuring out where the entry point is for your work with images is the first step. Then you work on your own with Joy available as needed. When you finish, you will spend some time discussing your process and what happened internally and between the two of you. Accessing your relationship through imagery will bring you to a new understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

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Welcome to Coupleswork
          We use the name "COUPLESWORK" to denote 2 aspects of being a couple.  The first is that for couples to remain together takes work, and this is our mission: to help couples stay together by working out each individuals needs within and along the couple's path.  The second meaning is that if a couple wants to put in the effort and energy, then indeed, couples do in fact work -- a togetherness that can enhance life for a lifetime.

Stress and Couples  
           Stress is something we all encounter and usually results whenever there are pressures or changes that require meeting new or ongoing challenges effectively. Stress affects us individually but can also cause relationship difficulties.  For a couple, stress can be anything that tears at the connection between partners, e.g. small ongoing lapses in communication or larger and more destructive breakdowns such as ongoing fighting or even  an affair.
            A healthy relationship will honor the differences between partners but will also create compassionate communication and connection. To that end, we use three approaches that help keep breakdown from occurring and enhance communication.  The first is “Relationship Soothing” where couples learn to reduce the vicious cycles that keep them at arms length and to learn how to disagree constructively. The second involves learning how to create a more flexible and supportive relationship by engaging in “Resilience Training”. The third approach involves learning new ways to "Increase Intimacy".   All these are utilized in the 3  options outlined below:

Stephen Kahn, Ph.d. 
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Delight in a weekend or even a full week in beautiful Damariscotta, Maine, where you can enjoy the many attractions that are available.  Coupleswork is blended into the enjoyment of  this lovely small Maine town
Ongoing coupleswork designed to increase connection and intimacy (from 3 to 12 sessions in groups or individually)
Ongoing couples weekly treatment from a systemic - dynamic approach (from 6 months to 1 year)
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The following activities are geared to  enhance the particular goals that you have for your relationship.  They will be used in conjuntion with your consultation sessions with Dr. Kahn

Couples Sonic Healing Journey
Couples Yoga
Couples Water Activities
Couples Creativite Expression
Couples Bowenwork
Couples Massage
Hiking for Couples 
Tai Chi for Couples